We are a diversified family farm located on the New Hampshire Seacoast.  Our farm encompasses two complementary operations with the goal of creating a sustainable and restorative agriculture on our land.  New Roots Greenhouses and Nursery focuses on Certified Organic vegetables, seedlings and edible perennials while Greener Pastures concentrates on raising nutrient-dense forages to support healthy heritage livestock. Thanks for stopping by!
Where to Find Our Products
Certified Organic Seedlings at the Farm
We're beginning the outdoor Farmers' Markets with Certified Organic Garden Seedlings alongside our 100% Grass-Fed Beef and Pasture-Raised Whole Roasting Chickens!  Find us at the Seacoast Growers Association markets in Portsmouth and Exeter or at the farm by appointment. Call 603.770.4125 (meats) or 603.502.3646 (veggies) or email farmers(at)newrootsfarm.com.
Our Certified Organic Greenhouse is open for purchases and consultation beginning in May!  Please make plans to come visit. To plan ahead for Summer's bounty, download our diverse organic seedling variety list and pre-order form.
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Phone: 603.770.4125 (meats), 603.502.3646 (veggies)  Email: farmers(at)newrootsfarm.com
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Nobody should eat boring tomatoes...
We believe strongly that truly delicious tomatoes come from mindfully-grown starts and have names like Black Krim and Wapsipinicon Peach- you won't find those at the big box store! From, peppers, to eggplants, to tomatoes and beyond- there's an amazing diversity of delicious varieties out there that you can grow in your garden! Let us
grow perfect, certified organic, properly-timed and hardened-off seedlings to get you off on the right foot. You can take it from there! Check out the variety list above and the garden schedule below to make this year's garden the best ever!
What's Ready to Plant This Week?- May 2, 2015
Garlic Transplants                Asparagus!                Rhubarb
Sugar Snap Peas                Broccoli                        Kale
Rainbow Chard                        Lettuce                Aromatic Hops
Lavendar                                Stevia                        Rosemary
Garlic Chives                        Leeks/Onions                Beets
Coming Soon!